On Inch Beach, Kerry

On Inch Beach, Kerry, originally uploaded by kaysare.

This is one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Kerry. During the 1960s it was used as a location for the filming of The Playboy of the Western World, starring Siobhán McKenna and Gary Raymond. During the 1970s Inch beach featured in Ryan´s Daughter, starring Robert Mitchum and Sarah Miles. The beach also has a very ancient history. Among the sandhills is a raised beach containing the remains of primitive shore dwellers. Charcoal and other traces of fire are visible. There are also hammerstones and grain rubbers, and axes, bones and traces of iron smelting. In 1782 Dominic Trant wrote ´Within my memory of 25 years about 30 valuable vessels, most of them crewed by West Indians, have been totally lost on one spot - the peninsula of Inch.´ This is also a great area for bass fishing, windsurfing and canoeing and is one of Kerry´s most popular beaches for locals and visitors.
Canon 1d MKIII 13-35mm HDR